Rugby Tours

Rugby is truly an international sport in both versions of the game 15’s and 7’s. Plan a tour to take your team to the well-established rugby nations or to the developing nations of rugby where the sport is growing very fast in both men’s and women’s games.

At Gullivers, we have well-travelled and experienced staff that care and believe in helping you organise a great touring experience.

Let us take you to where your sport can go.


  • Group sizes start with a minimum of 10 people
  • Choose from the many destinations you can travel to
    • We have sent RUGBY groups to these regions.
      • OCEANIA
      • EUROPE
      • AFRICA
      • ASIA
  • At your request, we can organise fixtures for your team or use your preferred contacts to make sure your team is matched up with suitable opponents
  • Tour features can also be organised at your request,
    • Visits to well-known landmarks and interesting sightseeing
    • Sport exchanges with clubs or schools
    • Sports events or Festivals
    • Activities and excursions to learn more about the different cultures and languages of your destination
  • We will help you create and advise on a suitable itinerary for your group tour (see itinerary examples below)


  • Arrange your team’s fixtures and facilities for training and recovery at your request
  • We can help answer any questions or queries for the preparation of your group tour

Play & Travel

  • Enjoy Rugby and the destination on your group tour.
    • There will be a contact at Gullivers available 24/7 for any questions or emergencies

For more information, sample itineraries, and quotes for tours please contact us

(02) 9267 8655 | 1300 307 077
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  • New Zealand – North & South Island
  • UK – Europe April September December
  • Japan – Easter September December
  • Argentina – June July

Gullivers Sport Travel now have itineraries available for schools and junior clubs specifically based around your state’s school holidays. The itinerary offer a balance of cultural immersion mixed with the very special Japanese rugby experience of organised matches with local teams.

Here are two examples.

World Cup Tour Itinerary Queensland & Victoria

Rugby World Cup Tour Itinerary – NSW, SA, WA & ACT

For more information, sample itineraries, and quotes for tours please contact us

(02) 9267 8655 | 1300 307 077
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Here are some sample itineraries past Rugby groups have travelled on:

Scotland & England tour 15 days
4 nights Glasgow
6 nights Edinburgh
3 nights Stratford-upon-Avon
2 nights London
4 Fixtures

Italy & France tour 17 days
4 nights Venice
3 nights Toulon
3 nights Bayonne
2 nights Bordeaux
3 nights Paris
6 Fixtures

Chile & Argentina tour 14 days
2 nights San Tiago
2 nights Mendoza
2 nights Buenos Aires
2 nights San Pedro
2 nights Buenos Aires
I night Santiago
4 Fixtures

New Zealand tour 10 days
3 nights Auckland
2 nights Rotorua
2 nights Taupo
3 nights Wellington
3 Fixtures

USA tour 12 days
2 nights Anaheim
2 nights San Diego
3 nights San Francisco
3 nights Las Vegas
I night Los angeles
3 Fixtures

Japan tour 10 days
3 nights Sapporo
1 night Sendai
1 night Minamisanriku
1 night Hanamaki
1 night Fukushima
3 nights Tokyo
3 Fixtures