tutti youth music festival beijing 2021. 2-11 July

Beijing is waiting to welcome you to the Tutti Youth Music Festival in 2021.  tutti youth music festival is a unique encounter where young musicians don’t compete, but collaborate on great musical experiences.

As well as performance opportunities for each participating group, everyone will be part of a combined ensemble. Choir, orchestra, band and percussion will rehearse together then perform the results of their hard work in the final concert.

Tutti is all about doing things together!

Each day at breakfast, the stage is open for groups to perform for one another. The acclaimed faculty gives recitals and everyone presents ‘flashmobs’ at iconic places like the Great Wall of China.

You will have deep cultural encounters during your visit to Beijing. Sample a variety of local cuisines and see traditional musicians and artisans at work. Why not try your hand at bargaining with traders in the Silk Markets?

You will have endless photo opportunities at places of world renown. Imagine yourself at the 2008 Olympic Games site, the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, Tiananmen Square and the Summer Palace.

Before or after tutti you can visit Japan, Singapore or another part of China so your Asian experience is complete!

The tutti youth music festival beijing 2021 will be an exciting 10 day event for school age musicians and singers from around the world. It will provide the opportunity to enhance and showcase their talents in a non competitive, celebratory learning environment and through their love of music to reach out and build friendships across the cultural diversity of the world.  Woven throughout tutti is a cultural exposure program that takes in all the significant historical venues around Beijing. tutti is fortunate to have a stellar faculty who will spend the week working with groups in masterclasses and concert rehearsals.    tutti welcomes participation from 

  • orchestras 
  • string orchestras/ensembles
  • chamber ensembles
  • symphonic wind bands
  • brass ensembles 
  • jazz ensembles 
  • percussion ensembles
  • choral groups- male, female, mixed
  • photography and media students
  • cultural tourists
  • language students (Mandarin)

  Overall, it is 10 days of superb music education plus cultural exposure to a land where an ancient heart beats inside a modernising country.

Gullivers can take you to #7 amazing cities on a music tour to Asia

  • Beijing
  • Shanghai
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Tokyo
  • Kyoto
  • Osaka

and many more!

#6 highlights of the Tutti Festival

  • Collaborative music-making
  • Non-competitive performances
  • Amazing people
  • Incredible places
  • Fabulous food
  • Lasting friendships

The tutti festival programme is carefully planned to combine an intensive music programme with the best of Beijing’s cultural sights. The organisers pride themselves on giving participants an experience that they will remember for all the right reasons.
The music programme typically includes:

  • 5 master classes approximately 3.5-4 hours each. Master classes include an number of sections: individual discipline, working with guest conductors, tutti ensemble work.
  • A concert rehearsal followed by a performance of your own chosen repertoire in a formal concert setting for fellow attendees.
  • One other peer concert as an audience member.
  • Combined performance with a guest Chinese High School.
  • Other informal performance opportunities: “toast ‘n tunes” breakfast-time performances, “flash mobs” when exploring Beijing.
  • Faculty performances at Welcome Banquet.
  • “midday melodies” Faculty lunch time recitals.
  • “tutti festiva!” featuring performances by:
    • tutti combined ensembles.
    • Faculty plus invited musicians.
    • Guest Chinese musicians and ensembles.
    • Traditional Chinese cultural artists.
  • “bye bye Beijing” final night Concert featuring student performances in any genre.

tutti also offers the opportunity for other culture based groups to attend and participate in a meaningful way. The activities of any such groups will converge and diverge with the music core of the festival. For example:

  • We can provide a stimulating and varied photography, media/film and television program, or a history/cultural program – our scope will be as wide as you want it to be! Students in these groups could, for instance, capture the real Beijing at early morning markets, in hutong street walks and visits to well known and out of the way places, attend their own early morning tai chi class at the Temple of Heaven, visit a Beijing Opera school, the National Theatre and the eclectic and ‘out there’ Art District 798. The possibilities are indeed endless.
  • You could also attach students who are learning Mandarin as we will also have need of a small group of Mandarin students to act as liaison officers with visiting Chinese musicians and ensembles.

A multi-strand touring group may also assist schools in obtaining the critical mass to make the tour feasible. For these non-music groups, custom itineraries will be prepared with relevant activities replacing the music activities. However these groups will attend all concerts/performances and social events throughout the event.