Choir Tours with Gullivers

Choir tours with Gullivers can include a great choral festival.

But your tour doesn’t have to include a festival …

At Gullivers we have all the right contacts to make your choir tour the best it can possibly be. We will organise every aspect of the tour for you so your choir can focus on singing and enjoy the tour every step along the way. Whether you are an advanced group seeking the challenge of international competition or just want to grow your skills through opportunities to perform, Gullivers can make it happen for you.  It doesn’t matter what kind of repertoire you sing either, because we will find venues and events perfectly suited to your program.

Here are some exciting opportunities for your choir that Gullivers has direct contact with:

Summa Cum Laude International Youth Music Festival Vienna, Austria

Interkultur Choral Events

Musica Orbis Prague

Bratislava Music Festivals

Lithuania Cantat

Some wonderful festivals at different times of the year in the wonderful Baltic region where choral music is central to life. We can add Latvia, Estonia, Finland and St Petersburg to make your tour complete, and you will be surprised at how economical it can be.


Throughout the year there are great concert opportunities and choir festivals in Italy. Contact Gullivers to find out what Italy has to offer your choir.

Here are#7 fabulous venues you can sing in on your choir tour

  • Vienna’s Musikverein
  • St Peter’s Basilica in Rome
  • English Cathedrals – Winchester, Salisbury, Wells & Gloucester
  • The Trump Tower atrium in New York
  • Basilica Santo Spirito in Florence
  • The Blues Brothers stage at Universal Studios
  • La Madeleine in Paris

and there are so many more!

#6 Reasons to go on a choir tour

  • Sing in amazing venues
  • Showcase Australian choral music
  • Discover new repertoire and develop new skills
  • Engage with choirs from other cultures
  • Explore amazing places
  • Experience music in a whole new light