Beethoven’s 250th Birthday – Youth Music Tours

Celebrate “Beethoven 2020” on a Performance Tour of Europe from 28 June to 8 July, 2020 

In 2020, the classical music world will celebrate the 250th birthday of composer Ludwig van Beethoven! 

Join the festivities in Vienna and other cities where this magnificent mastermind of music left his mark!

13-17 night itineraries visiting Bonn, Prague, Nuremberg, Salzburg, Vienna & Munich

Pre and post festival options available

Youth strings Beethoven 2020

Performance Tour:

Follow Beethoven’s footsteps from his birthplace in Bonn to Vienna. Perform in marvelous venues with other young ensembles from around the world, visit historic sites, see his manuscripts and letters and experience all the culture of musical Europe.

Beethoven 2020 Festival:

Join the celebrations focusing on Vienna, which was Beethoven’s home and centre of his creative life for over 35 years. Have workshops with international conductors and perform with other choirs and orchestras in beautiful venues such as the Golden Hall of the Musikverein, the Mozarteum in Salzburg, Smetana Hall in Prague and the Gasteig in Munich.                       

Composition Competition & Young Podium: 

Participating orchestras are invited to commission a young composer from their country to write a short work linking Beethoven’s musical ideas with the 21st century and perform it in Vienna.  There is a prize of €800 for the winning composer.  

Aspiring young choir and orchestra conductors are invited to take one-to-one lessons in score study and conducting skills, take seminars, then rehearse with a participating choir or orchestra and conduct a performance of the prepared work. 

Contact us and let’s start planning together! 

#7fabulous experiences at the Beethoven 2020 Festival

  • Follow Beethoven’s footsteps through 3 countries
  • Perform in stunning venues
  • Perform an original composition
  • Workshops with international conductors
  • Lessons and seminars for young conductors
  • Shared experiences with young musicians from many countries
  • Integrated sightseeing                       

#3Countries to explore with the Beethoven 2020 Festival as your focus

  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Czech Republic

Beethoven 2020 Festival is suitable for:

  • Choirs
  • Orchestras
  • Strings
  • Bands

Stunning venues included for performance:

  • Golden Hall of the Musikverein
  • The Mozarteum in Salzburg
  • Smetana Hall in Prague
  • The Gasteig in Munich