World Choir Games 2022 Gangneung
World Choir Games 2022 Gangneung

World Choir Games 2022 Gangneung
World Choir Games 2022 Gangneung


World Choir Games 2022 Gangneung

Sing with the rest of the world.

World Choir Games have been held every 2 years since the 1st World Choir Games in 2000 hosted by Linz, Austria. 2022 will be the 16th World Choir Games and 2nd hosted by Korea.

The World Choir Games (formerly Choir Olympics) is organised by Interkultur for choirs from all over the world. The games embody the motto “Singing together brings nations together”. The World Choir Games believes in peaceful competition to unite nations.

There are 29 competition categories, there are opportunities for individual choir workshops, coaching and evaluations. Also, opportunities for non-competitive participation, like friendship concerts, the Parade of Nations, Combined Festival Concert Choir and more.

542 choirs from 69 nations are participating the postponed 11th World Choir Games in Antwerp and Ghent , Belgium.

An event that provides a great choral experience for a choir at different ranges of experience.
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