ON STAGE!  Season 2022
ON STAGE! Season 2022

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ON STAGE!  Season 2022
ON STAGE! Season 2022

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ON STAGE! Season 2022

Singing & Scenic tours

ON STAGE events are miniature festivals designed to celebrate the most beautiful activity in the world: SINGING! The world‘s top destinations have been combined with exciting touring and singing opportunities as well as cooperations with local choral experts to provide an all-round experience for every choral singer.

The events start with a Welcoming Concert on Thursday; continue with a City & Singing Tour and an afternoon Workshop on Friday, and conclude with a Final Concert on Saturday. Additional singing and traveling opportunities may be organized upon request and are strongly recommended for the very possibilities these events offer. Intimate, cosy and flexible, ON STAGE events are perfectly customizable to your choir‘s own plans and wishes.

What better way to start to your days of singing than getting to know the voices and the stories behind the faces of your fellow choir singers? That‘s what the Welcoming Concert is all about - take a few minutes to tell everyone about your choir as only you know how and then show case your voices and repertoire. In the end, you will know a lot more about each other and comfortably go on and start off a chat or tell a joke! Make the evening yours by following up with refreshments and some friendly singing and chatting!

The tour gives you time to explore the city and quench your curiosity about its people, history and culture. Don‘t forget to bring your voice with you! You‘ll be stopping in some of the city‘s best spots to sing some of your best songs. It‘s another great time to socialise, take pictures and videos! Yes, those very useful recordings of moments which you‘ll always cherish and remember with love. Sing your best and make some great memories!

Learning is a major focus of the ON STAGE events, so get ready to have a taste of the local choral culture by learning more about the history and traditions and by singing a few pieces in the local language – all under the guidance of the leading choral personalities of the hosting city. Learn side by side with other choir singers and enjoy all the surprises, challenges and pleasures that come with it!


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