Travel the world with Rugby!

Here’s some inspiration, but we can take you anywhere in the world! If you have a specific destination in mind, please get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to discuss some options.


We are more that happy to organise a time to chat  further on how we can help you organise your group tour.

Featured destinations


Europe is steeped in culture and history and rugby is extremely popular here. There are opportunities to visit and play rugby all over Europe, for all ages and levels. Standout destinations include:

UK and Ireland: The UK and Ireland are very popular, and their teams meet the standards of visiting Australian teams.

France: France is a fantastic destination for rugby, especially with the upcoming Rugby World Cup in France 2023. There’s also the Paris World Games, held every year in July. Rugby 7s is one of the sports held there and the ages are U/15, 18s for girls and U14, 16, 18s for boys.

Portugal: If you enjoy a challenge, the Portugal Youth Rugby Festival in April 2021 has tournaments for U13, 15, 17, 19’s boys and U15, 19’s girls.


We have sent many teams to USA & Canada, including boys’ & girls’ teams and 15’s and 7’s games. If you’re looking for a great South American destination, Chile and Argentina are well worth a visit.


Rugby is growing in popularity in Asia, especially in Japan since they hosted the Rugby World Cup in 2019 and made it to the Quarter-Finals. Top Asian rugby destinations include:

Japan: Japan is incredibly supportive of rugby and their schools are very open to exchanges. Plan a visit around the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo where our National Women’s 7s team will defend their gold and our Men’s team will compete against the best in the world.

Singapore: Singapore is another fantastic rugby destination and a host of a leg of the World Rugby 7s.

China: China is a growing rugby destination and many teams have travelled to play there.


Home of the current World Champions South Africa, this is a country well known for its love of rugby. Africa has some world-famous arenas, like Ellis Park, that has been the site of many well-fought battles between the best in the world. You can go just about anywhere in Africa and your team will be well accommodated.

The British and Irish Lions tour in 2021 promises to be an exciting experience and could make a great basis for a trip.


There are a number of small nations in Oceania with rugby as their national sport. With warm climates in the island nations, this is a region that has provided the most entertaining rugby players in the world. Top choices include:

New Zealand: Rugby is a big part of New Zealand’s identity and it’s a great destination for anyone who wants to play against a team from a nation that sets the standard for high-performance rugby.

Fiji, Samoa, Tonga


If you prefer to stay a little closer to home, we can organise interstate tours all over Australia. This is a good option if you want to save time and money and it’s easy to match your team up with suitable opposition

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