Football, the "worlds sport", go see the it with football.

Football is the most popular sport in the world and there are endless options to choose from when you’re thinking about where to go and whom to play against. Find worthy opponents to challenge your team, train at academies around the world and take in the local culture and cuisine. The possibilities are limitless.


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Featured destinations


There is no end to the football events and activities you can enjoy in Europe:

Spain: Improve your skills at Seville FC Academy and then test your new abilities playing against a local team.

England: After a cup of tea and a scone, catch a glimpse of the royals at Buckingham Palace and head out to watch an EPL match.

Germany: Challenge yourself against local teams followed by a lesson in world history at the memorials of both World Wars.

Paris: Participate in the Paris World Games. This amazing event runs every year in July for both 8 and 11-aside teams. Compete in boys’ and girls’ categories from U/10-19s.


It might not seem like the most obvious football destination, but there is plenty of competition and cultural activities for your team in Asia.

Japan: Play against teams in the hustle and bustle of Tokyo before heading to Hamamatsu on your way past Mount Fuji to experience the rich Japanese culture at a slower pace.

Beijing: Learn about Beijing’s unique history while visiting the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City.

Singapore: Trial your team’s skills in Singapore then reward them with a trip to Sentosa Island before heading back to start the season at home.


Some of the world’s greatest football teams have come from South America and there are plenty of opportunities to test your team and enjoy a varied range of experiences in both North and South America.

California: Join the LA Galaxy Cup for boys and girls’ teams. There’s 9 a-side for U/11s and 11 a-side for U/16s. Play all your games in one place then make your way back via Disneyland or Hollywood and/or check out everything big in Texas.

Hawaii: Enjoy all that the Aloha state has to offer while battling it out against some fierce competition in Kapiolani Park.

Argentina: Next to Brazil, Argentina is one of the best football teams in the world. Take a trip to the home of football’s finest and maybe some of their brilliance will rub off on your team.


Some of the best football experiences can be found right on our doorstep in New Zealand or the Pacific Islands.

The Pacific Islands: They are still developing in the football world, but you’ll find many Pacific Island teams and countries are passionate about the sport and can offer a football experience unlike any other.

New Zealand: With similar time zones and the same seasons, your football team can find everything they need for a memorable experience just a short flight away. Play against local teams to test out everything you learned in training and complement your sporting experience with water or snow-based activities, adrenaline-inducing action sports or just take in the beautiful New Zealand landscape.


If you prefer to stay a little closer to home, we can organise interstate tours all over Australia. This is a good option if you want to save time and money and it’s easy to match your team up with suitable opposition

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