Basketball is played all over, take your group with you.

Here’s some inspiration, but we can take you anywhere in the world! If you have a specific destination in mind, please get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to discuss some options.


We are more that happy to organise a time to chat  further on how we can help you organise your group tour.

Featured destinations


A basketball experience in the USA is hard to beat. Travel to the home of basketball, the place where the game started, and the sport is built into the culture. There are plenty of options for basketball tours all over the USA. Here are some suggestions:

Take a West Coast tour and play in LA, San Francisco, Oregon and Seattle before heading to Hawaii

Start in Arizona and travel to Albuquerque to play. Head to Texas to watch a Mavericks game in Dallas then to Fort Worth for a final game before you head home

Travel along the East Coast and play in New York, Washington and then south to Florida ​


With the USA on its doorstep, Canada is home to some strong basketball teams that can meet the standards of visiting Australians. Any of the main cities is a great choice for a basketball tour, in particular Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal. The Vancouver Tip-Off tournament is an event for U9-17s boys and girls, going into its sixth event.


The FIBA World Cup finalists host many visiting basketball teams. The Argentine basketballers are excellent competition and there are plenty of opportunities for travel and memorable experiences along the way.


China and Japan, in particular, are excellent destinations for a basketball tour as they’re home to many schools and clubs that will love to challenge your team. Tie in your tour with some unique cultural and historical experiences in Japan and China.


Basketball is played to a high standard across Europe. There are endless options to create a basketball tour to meet your sporting needs while surrounding yourself with history and culture. Spain is the home of the current World Basketball Champions. Start here and finish your tour in the South of France. The Paris World Games is held every year in July and basketball is one of the participating sport for boys and girls in U/11, 13, 15, 17s teams.


If you prefer to stay a little closer to home, we can organise interstate tours all over Australia. This is a good option if you want to save time and money and it’s easy to match your team up with suitable opposition

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