Sports, Music and Educational tours

Create a tour for your group to Explore Shizuoka and experience its wonderful culture and all its beautiful scenery. Shizuoka is a great place to travel for Sports, Music or for Education to learn of the wonderful Japanese history, culture, ingenuity with Shizuoka being home to many iconic Japanese produce, companies and landmarks.

Contact Gullivers for a sample itinerary to travel through Shizuoka or for more information on how to add Shizuoka to your next group tour to Japan.


Shizuoka will be hosting the cycling events for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics with is great cycling courses. Competing with the back drop of Mt Fuji, what an experience!

Shizuoka is a great place to exchange and share your passions for sport. Yamaha Jublio (Rugby), San-en Neo Phoenix (Basketball) and Shimizu S-Pulse (Football) are some of the sporting teams that represent Shizuoka Prefecture and regularly play throughout the area.

Ecopa Stadium and Fuji Speedway are two of the big –name venues in the prefecture and they both regularly host important sporting events, as we enjoyed when the Rugby World Cup matches were held there last year.

Shizuoka Prefecture is located southwest of Tokyo and is only 60 minutes from this city on the JR Tokaido Shinkansen.

Mt Fuji, green matcha tea, wasabi, fresh seafood and Yamaha Motorcycles. These are all icons of Japanese culture and Shizuoka Prefecture is where they are all produced & sourced. The prefecture is home to great manufacturing companies like Yamaha and Suzuki, produces 80% of Japan’s wasabi & 40% of Japan’s green matcha tea.

Shizuoka is a nature lovers paradise, with multiple hiking options taking in waterfalls, lakes & the pristine coastline. Take advantage of the many scenic viewpoints throughout the prefecture to experience the breathtaking scenery of where the Pacific Ocean meets Mt Fuji.

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