The Choral Conductors Professional Development provides study in Kodaly technique along with hands-on conducting experience, under the direction from professors at the Franz Liszt Academy in Budapest. The Academy is renowned worldwide as a centre of excellence for choral training, for choirs and conductors alike. As a very special extra, Gullivers is offering a very limited number of low-cost extensions in Vienna for the 5 nights following the course and festival (10-14 July 2020). Talk to us today and take your conducting to the next level.

Conductors Professional Development
Conductors Professional Development

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Conductors Professional Development
Conductors Professional Development

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This course is designed to be a deep and authentic experience, not just learning about conducting, but by participating in a real-life situation that will grow and test your skills. 

You will be part of a choir, conducted by participants, rehearsing together in Budapest and then performing at an international choir festival in Bratislava, where there will be opportunities to listen to choirs from many countries, mix with them and their conductors, and discover new horizons for your own choirs. 

Participants may choose to participate in masterclasses as conductors, while everyone else will sing in the choir and observe from the other side of the podium. Music will be sent to participants for individual preparation so that rehearsals in Budapest can focus on shaping the music, not just learning the notes. There will also be seminars on choral repertoire and the many possibilities available to perform in Europe and at international choral festivals.

Lectures in the Kodaly Method

Professors at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music will take the group through aspects
of Kodaly’s technique, reinforcing existing knowledge and skills and developing them to a new level of confidence.

Masterclass in Conducting Techniques

You will have the opportunity either to conduct or to observe a session with a choir. Faculty members and international conductors will guide you through aspects of conducting technique, making constructive suggestions on technical and expressive aspects of the art. 

Seminar on Choral Repertoire

Australia’s representative to the World Choir Council will present seminars on choral repertoire he has encountered in the past few months while working in Europe. He will also provide ideas about repertoire selection, especially for concert programs on a choir tour and repertoire appropriate for international competitions.

Sessions on International Choir Festivals

You will be introduced to some the many international choral festivals which are
held every year all across Europe, discovering different levels of participation from high-level competitions to non-competitive events, festivals with opportunities to learn as well as perform, and others where your group can join a combined choir to perform a major work with the orchestra.

Sing Together as a Choir

During the week participants will form a choir and sing together conducted by three participants chosen from those who apply for this opportunity. Three works will be learned, each with a different conductor. Music will be sent to participants immediately after registration closes (**subject to sufficient voices to create a balanced choral ensemble**).

Participate in an International Choral Festival

At the end of the course, the group will travel to Bratislava to participate in the Slovakia Cantat International Choral Festival. Together you will perform the program prepared in Budapest, observe competitions and concerts, meet conductors and choirs from many countries and be immersed in choral music in this delightful old city (**subject to sufficient voices to create a balanced choral ensemble**).


Gullivers highly recommends that you have Comprehensive Travel Insurance prior to travelling. Ask Gullivers about our competitive travel insurance rates.

1 – 10 July 2020



Budapest & Bratislava



10-15 July 2020  |  Vienna


The Summa Cum Laude International Youth Music Festival invites members of Gullivers' exclusive Choral Conductors Course to visit Vienna to experience Europe's premier youth music festival. 


The site inspection includes all accommodation, meals, guided sightseeing, entrances and, most importantly an inside look at the competitions, celebration performances, workshops and concerts at the festival, with opening and closing ceremonies too.


Even better, if you take your youth or school choir to the Summa Cum Laude Festival in 2021 or 2022 the cost of your site inspection will be fully refunded.


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